Personal Trainer

„He who is patient will be successful“

This saying from Cameroon has shaped my life.
By staying true to this motto I will help you achieve your goals!


Indoor & Outdoor

The main focus of my work concerns a variety of sport and fitness segments. You don’t have to be a gym-member, to work out with me in one of Bonn’s and Sankt Augustin’s finest gyms.


Neuro Fitness

The advancement from the classic way of working out to neuronal, motion controlled components (Brain and nervous system).

Effective Back training

The best type of therapy in order to prevent back problems.

Fitness Boxing

The perfect way to get rid of stress. Strength, cardio, high-speed strength as well as improvement of coordinative skills.

Functional Training

Make your body your own training device. Working out once or twice per week will allow you to lose superfluous body fat.

Sport Rehabilitation

What we do here is build up your health. Depending on your condition or disability we can use specific exercises in order to help you recuperate.

Group training (max. 5 people).


Apart from a good workout routine, it’s important to have an appropriate diet

The right dietary plan will help you achieve quicker and sustainable training goals.

My personal dietary consultation answers the most important questions concerning calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

The chronological matching of the respective nutrients helps to either burn extra fats or to rise above your personal limits.

An individually coordinated dietary plan plays an important role.

Your Personal Way to Success

If you wish for it, we can create your very own dietary plan together.

Trial session

A trial session will cost you 30 Euros and will be charged with the conclusion of a contract.

Beispiel in einem Sportstudio


Physiotherapie am Theaterplatz Bonn Bad Godesberg
Physiotherapie Sebsibe

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