Personal Trainer in Bonn - George Nkeng

Feedback from my clients.

"George has changed my life! His expertise and motivational nature has helped me achieve and even exceed my fitness goals. I am so grateful for his support and highly recommend him." - Lisa M.

"As a busy businessman, it was a challenge for me to find time to go to the gym. However, thanks to George, I was able to develop an effective and customised training programme that fits perfectly into my schedule. His flexibility and professionalism are simply unbeatable." - Thomas S.

"George is a great PT. I've been working as a personal trainer myself for years and always enjoy training sessions with him. He pushes you to your physical limits and gets everything out of you. He is always professional, committed and up to date with the latest scientific developments. I can recommend him without reservation! Keep up the good work! " - Melanie H.

"I had been looking for a personal trainer for a long time who not only had expertise but also a real passion for his work. George is exactly that! His enthusiasm for fitness is infectious and has helped me to enjoy my exercise routine and stay consistent." - Markus H.

"I couldn't have imagined a better trainer than George! His individual approach to training has helped me to recognise my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. With his help, I have achieved more than I ever thought possible." - Anna L.

"George is not only a trainer, but also a mentor. Not only has he helped me achieve my fitness goals, but he has also taught me the importance of listening to my body and maintaining healthy habits. I can't emphasise enough how much of a positive influence he has had on my life." - Julia R.

Actress Liza Tzschirner

"My dears, I was recently allowed to do a...don't laugh: A fitness shoot! For the personal trainer George Nkeng. Yes, I've always been a bit of a sports nut and spend my time reading, walking the dog and cooking... but it doesn't help, especially as an actor and it's important and healthy to keep your body moving and fit. It's really not easy to get over my weaker self, so I'm glad to have met George, who had a lot of fun and patience in introducing me to different ways of keeping fit...whether in the studio or at home!!! Ok he is a little drill instructor too...ok a big one :D but if you live in Cologne or Bonn and want to get or stay fit or just want to learn a few new things, then George Nkeng is THE MAN!!!!!!!!! Visit his site or go directly to Fitness First Bonn or Fit`n Move St. Augustin where you can meet him in person!!! In the first lesson I laughed at myself in despair when I was doing the push-up and couldn't walk at all the next day :D Now I do my "George Programme" regularly at home and really notice how everything is developing!!! So get into your trainers and off you go!!! By the way, I now train with George once a week."
The photos are by the great David Paryla!